PICA is a vibrant educational community in which to study agricultural and community sustainability.

It may be the place for you!

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Sign up for Village Housing and the PICA residential program
for the 2014-15 school year!

PICA is a sustainability themed housing option at the Village. At PICA, students grow organic food, share in community meals and learn sustainable living skills. Through PICA, students from a variety of majors have the opportunity to study agroecology and apply their knowledge to everyday activities within their community..

How to sign up for PICA themed housing at the Village:

-Sign up during the  Priority Housing Application Period April 14-21, 2014

-You can apply online at studenthousing.ucsc.edu for housing at the Village

-On the application, mark that you "Strongly Prefer" involvement in PICA

-You can also tell us more about your interest in the PICA themed housing option in the additional comments section of the application.

Have you ever wished for a chance to reduce your impact on
the environment by more sustainable living?

Do you feel that cultivating community is an important
part of your college life?

If so, living at PICA could be for you!

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We look forward to having you join our community!

Questions? Contact Mira Michelle, mmichel1@ucsc.edu

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Saturday Garden Workdays

Join us every Saturday for community workdays at the Foundational Roots Garden
(at the entrance to the B-quad, the Village) 
~Help dig garden beds, pull weeds, build compost, plant veggies, and sow seeds~

Saturdays, 10-2pm
FREE organic lunch harvested from the garden!