Collegium for Sustainability Studies

The Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) &

the Shokkoché Collegium for Sustainability Studies &


PICA is an experiential living-learning program located at The Village on the beautiful UCSC campus. PICA students address issues of sustainability through hands-on community engagement, turning an old rock quarry into a sustainable garden. Sophomores, juniors and seniors from across disciplines live cooperatively, study, grow, and prepare food together in The Village housing modules dedicated to PICA.

PICA is about community, sustainability and growth... there is an abundance of

knowledge surrounding us all the time... PICA provides an atmosphere for each

individual to explore that which they feel passionate about
- Adam G

PICA students living in The Village community are committed to sustainable living and food systems. They grow organic food together, implement ecological landscaping projects around their housing units, and direct a Village wide composting program. Through PICA, students collaborate to create an intentional and conscious “eco-community” on campus. Leadership positions are open to PICA students in the form of paid student assistantships, which help offset student housing costs within The Village. 

Beginning in Fall 2014, PICA will participate in the activities of the Shokkoché Collegium for Sustainability Studies & Praxis. Shokkoché (which is the Santa Cruz Costanoan name for the California Bay Laurel) will include Village residents as well as students who live elsewhere in an academic and research program committed to the study, research and implementation of environmentally sustainable technologies, methods and practices. Neither a conventional UCSC college or a part of College Eight, the collegium will offer committed and motivated PICAns and other students the opportunity to participate in an innovative minor in sustainability studies which is currently being created, develop  undergraduate research projects supervised by ladder rank faculty and community-based professionals, and work with PICA and its residents.

For additional information about PICA, contact:

• Mira Michelle, PICA Residential Coordinator, at

• Visit the PICA web site

For additional information about the Shokkoché Collegium, contact:

• Ronnie D. Lipschutz, Provost of College Eight, at

• Apply to live in PICA housing and indicate your interest in the Collegium