Recipe Corner - Food Inventory

Community Meals are a way for all members of the community - from all walks of life and with all different backgrounds - to meet each other and celebrate sustainability in one of the most basic and universal settings: the kitchen. The Village is the only large on-campus housing option that has a community kitchen (located in the F-Quad), and it is here that students meet, three nights a week, for community meals.


On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, PICAns may sign up to prepare a meal together and feed the rest of their community. Students take advantage of PICA's bulk food supplies and the Garden to provide the ingredients - and that's where the creativity begins!! Students come together as fellow cooks to teach each other new recipes and to add new spins to old ones. And at 7pm, over the dinner table, students talk about any number of topics ranging from that last midterm to sustainability on a grander sense.