What PICAns Have to Say

"PICA is about synergy because everyone brings something unique and special to offer and helps cultivate good community." -Jake Farris

"In more ways than one, everyone can bring something to the table. Through sharing food and the practice of preparing and eating meals, we share ourselves."

"I enjoy the hands-on aspect PICA brings into my backyard...I learn about community and agroecology through music, art, seminar, and practice." -Biseat Horning

"Abundance and choice – beauty and community.  We are all in this together. Let’s harvest our mistakes, so we can share them with others.  Then they don’t have to be repeated."

"The abundance of good vibes, interesting people, carefree playtime, peaceful atmosphere, organic toil, and delicious food all contribute to the making of a uniquely memorable and rewarding experience. I am proud to have called PICA my home." -Billy Lewis

"I can’t wait to show my kids what I contributed to at PICA.  That’s a really nice thought. I get the most joy when a first time PICAn will ask me “ is this a weed?” and I confidently respond, “Actually that is yarrow and we like it in the garden because its deep roots grab minerals that other roots can’t, and it is also a valuable medicinal plant.”  I think you learn better through teaching…"

“PICA has made it possible for me to feel good about the place where I live and take an active role in a community dedicated to its management. I consider the knowledge that I have gained through my participation in PICA to be at least as valuable as any knowledge that I have gained through my higher education."            
                                                —Alija Mujic

"Sustainability and equality have always been strong parts of my personal belief and it does not seem fair to feed the US on the backs of the world’s labor.  PICA has shown me the power of food sovereignty.  The idea that we can have social change with every seed planted and crop harvested.  Working together in the garden and eating with the people I work with shows me the organic way community develops and the importance of community.  It has helped me establish a real sense of responsibility and independence." 

“We are here to study this relationship, to learn about what effects our actions have, and how to lessen their negative impacts, and work towards making our relationship a mutually beneficial one.” –Peter Isaksen

"Despite all the doom and gloom we hear about, I have made a shift towards an optimistic approach of learning about environment.  I am still looking for my leverage point – how can I use this information, my energy and creativity, coupled with like minded people and ideas to cause “paradigm shifting change”?  I am lost there as of yet, however, at least I feel situated in a community such as PICA and CAN to equip me with the skills and access to information and resources necessary for taking pathway directions to better leverage points.  I want to be a part, a contributor, a designer, a player in educating and dispersing the action-based foundation that will “sustain” us indefinitely into the future."

"PICA is about community, sustainability, and growth...about plants, animals, food, self, relationships, general well-being, and health." -Adam Gottlieb