PICA Residential Information

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors from disciplines across the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities live, study, grow and prepare food together in the Village housing modules dedicated to PICA. The living/learning experience that the PICA residential program provides allows students a way to link healthy communities with healthy food systems.

PICA participants can live in our on-campus residential program at the Village.

  • 9 single rooms, three bathrooms and a shared kitchenette in each building
  • Large community kitchen with extensive facilities
  • Paid leadership positions within the community to offset University Housing costs

  • Housing rate includes all utilities, high-speed Internet and cable TV
  • Residential staff provide community programming activities

Leadership opportunities are available for PICA residents through paid student assistantships. This enables students to share knowledge and work together within the community while offsetting University housing costs. Assistantships involve hands-on positions with the Foundational Roots Garden, the propagation house, the PICA Market Cart, and outreach and campus collaborations.

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